Drop Caps – CSS

Well! It took a while but I have finally figured out how to span two lines with a very large opening drop cap so that it scales properly. Pretty cool, eh? Here is the trick. First, wrap the first character in a span and give it a class, i.e. dropcaps:

<span class="dropcaps">W</span>ell!

Insert the css style for this class in your style sheet:

.dropcaps {float: left; font-size: 3.55em; line-height: .15em; padding-top: .2em; }
.dropcaps:before {content:"\a"; white-space: pre;}
.dropcaps:after {content:"\a"; white-space: pre;}

This draws on whatever is already defined for font and line space parameters. The settings above work for the default Twenty Fifteen theme settings. Play with the font-size, line-height, and padding-top settings in your dropcaps class to suit your theme’s font settings. Happy trails!

Conservative Candidates Found on Ashley Madison

By general consent the Canadian press keeps the private lives of political figures out of the public eye. Unlike in the United Kingdom or the United States, private usually means private. This is sensible and very Canadian. But this changes when a private circumstance becomes public in and of itself. For example, when a criminal charge is laid or a public divorce ensues, the press feels free to report a bit of prurience. But what if the publicly expressed views of a politician conflict diametrically with their private affairs? Then, in my view, the convention no longer applies.

Nevertheless, the mainstream press has failed to report the conflict between the public declarations and and the private behaviour of three Conservative candidates in the 2015 federal election campaign. All three married men espouse “family values” as part of their campaign message. Yet all three had Ashley Madison accounts. Ashley Madison is the website designed to hook up married men for discrete extramarital affairs.

The website’s data was hacked and leaked to the public last July. Among the men exposed are Conservative Party of Canada candidates Kyle Seeback (Brampton West), Dean Allison (Niagara West) and Walter Pamic (Kanata-Carleton).

The morals and ethics of these men cannot be trusted. A true cynic believes we cannot trust any politicians. I am more hopeful than that. But it is clear we cannot trust some of them. Take this into account on election day.

Learn more at http://canadampleaks.com/

Flash in the Pan

Over the years I’ve coded Abobe Flash objects into web pages whenever they added good value or fulfilled a clear design requirement. Flash adeptly adds pizzaz, animation, copy protection, and multimedia players to websites. All these features and more are natively missing from html 4.01 browsers so web designers most often turned to Flash. Then the late Steve Jobs fired a cruise missile at Flash by dropping support in Apple’s various iGadgets. Oh my, what a ruckus ensued.  Continue reading Flash in the Pan

What I Need From a Calendar

I love Kieran O’Shea’s Calendar Plugin for WordPress. It’s slick, easy to use, known to work with the latest WP versions, and open source. But it has one behaviour I need to change. At the moment, everyone account with high enough rights to add or edit events has access through the Dashboard to every other account’s events. What I need is this:

  1. The displayed calendar on the public side shows all events entered by all user accounts;
  2. The Dashboard only allows users to add new events and edit or delete their own events.
  3. Optional: the displayed public calendar can be restricted to specific categories or organizations by the end user.

Continue reading What I Need From a Calendar

Adding More Post Formats

Since there is going to be a lot of media on my blog (eventually) I thought it might be a good idea to add all the post types that are available since the release of WP 3.1. In particular, TwentyEleven natively only contains ‘aside’, ‘link’, ‘gallery’, ‘status’, ‘quote’, and  ‘image’ post types and is sadly lacking ‘audio’, and ‘video’ types. So I went ahead and added the three that were left out: ‘audio’, ‘video’ and ‘chat’. I don’t know what I’ll do with chat, but I definitely know I’ll need audio and video posts. Continue reading Adding More Post Formats